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About Wishray Technology and Software

This is a central hub for all technology and software created by Wishray and its user base. It is primarily driven soley by Muragami (AKA JasonP) at this point. Explore the categories below to see the software available from this site. All software here is available under the CC Attribution-Share Alike license you can locate at the bottom of every page.


CORE is a set of new software designed to support wishray's projects moving forward. It consists of several parts:

  • CORE.Net: Network functions for applications.
  • CORE.Gas: A visual library on-top of MonoGame.

Components and Plugins

Libraries and Utilities

Some possibly useful software of questionable value. Though possibly interesting.

  • Woodchuck: A configurable text parsing application written on top of Java.
  • ListToArray: A command line application written in Mono/C# that reads a text file of standard delimited strings and creates a source file (.cs) that places all of them into a string array.

Older Archived Stuff

Everything here is quite old and should be considered unsupported.

  • Dir2c - A simple command line c++ application that allows one to embedded files from a directory directly into C/C++ source files.
  • Copernicus - A lightweight Java Library leveraging the SPI interface and plugins to support audio easy audio playback.
  • OTTER - OpenGL TrueType Enhanced Renderer, a C dll/lib to support .ttf loading and display in OpenGL applications.
  • SILL - Simple Image Loading Library, a C dll/lib to make image loading a snap from common formats.
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